We believe the best things are hand made one at a time.

Dear friends and customers, May 12 will be the last regular delivery day for Wild Yeast Breads! I’ve loved baking bread and the connections I’ve made with everyone who enjoys my bread, but it’s also taken up a big part of my life. The schedule can feel relentless and the work has become too routine. I’d hoped that my website would enable me to combine the creative side of baking with sustaining a business, but haven’t been able to find that balance. So, I’m going to close up shop. Without the pressure to produce bread in volume, I hope to experiment with recipes, bake for the occasional event and begin a new chapter: bread baking classes! 
As always, I appreciate all your support and kindness.

We believe in the value of time.

We use wild yeast cultures, also known as sourdough, because we love traditional baking methods and the results they produce. Wild yeast slows the fermentation process down and allows the complex flavors in the flour and the culture to fully develop. Slow fermentation also creates a bread that keeps longer in your kitchen. 

All sorrows are less with bread.

Good bread makes you feel good. And studies show that breads that undergo a long fermentation are easier to digest and more nutritious. Even our breads traditionally made with commercial yeast, such as baguettes and ciabatta, are fermented about 24 hours before baking to maximize flavor and health benefits.

We support farmers, millers and a healthy planet.

Where possible, we use organic flour for health reasons — your health, ours, and the health of the farmers, millers, workers and planet. We also believe flour quality is key to bread flavor. That’s why we primarily use organic unbleached flours from Central Milling, an employee-owned and operated company that works with small farmers and uses sustainable milling practices. We also use unbleached and compostable bags (even the windows in our baguette bags are compostable).

About the baker

Always an enthusiastic home baker, I’d dreamed of owning a bakery since my college days. Even before starting this venture, baking bread and treats for the people I love brought me joy. As I wound down my career as a public service criminal defense attorney, I started figuring out how to bake wild yeast breads and began tackling baguettes. To this day, I mix, fold, shape and bake every loaf myself. Running a bakery has brought its own challenges, but in the end, I feel lucky that my work feeds my friends, family and the bread lovers of Olympia.


Wild Yeast Bread T-shirt

Heavy, 100% cotton short-sleeved classic T. Logo printed on white on back of shirt. Front has a mini logo (just the initials from our logo) over where the pocket would be if there were a pocket (does not have a pocket).