Welcome to Wild Yeast Breads!

DEAR FRIENDS AND CUSTOMERS: May 12 will be the last regular delivery day for Wild Yeast Breads! I’ve loved baking bread and the connections I’ve made with everyone who enjoys my bread, but it’s also taken up a big part of my life. The schedule can feel relentless and the work has become too routine. I’d hoped that my website would enable me to combine the creative side of baking with sustaining a business, but haven’t been able to find that balance. So, I’m going to close up shop. Without the pressure to produce bread in volume, I hope to experiment with recipes, bake for the occasional event and begin a new chapter: bread baking classes! 
As always, I appreciate all your support and kindness.

Traditional Baguettes

A traditional yeasted bread with a crisp crust and light, aromatic interior, fresh baguettes are perfect with nothing more than butter and salt. Available for preorder Thursday thru Friday. See Details

Country Levain

Possibly our most popular bread, this sourdough loaf is flavored with whole wheat and rye flours in addition to the finest wheat flour we can find. Available for preorder Thursday thru Friday. See Details

Country Olive

This sourdough loaf has all the tangy flavor and chewy crust of our levain, plus kalamata olives. Available Thursdays. See Details

Toasted Sesame Wheat

For all you whole wheat fans, this is the one. Made with organic whole wheat flour, it's chock-full of toasted organic sesame seeds. Available for preorder Thursday thru Friday. See Details

Country Broa

This is our take on a traditional Portuguese loaf. Made with wild yeast, organic cornmeal and organic EVOO, it is slightly dense and chewy. Available Fridays. See Details

New York Rye

A light rye sandwich loaf. Slightly sour, just the right amount of caraway. Baked Wednesday and Friday; available for preorder on Fridays. See Details

Sourdough Challah

Unlike most bakery challahs, ours is made the traditional way, with wild yeast cultures and hand-braiding. Available Fridays. See Details

Rustic Focaccia

This loaf, flavored with onions, rosemary, organic EVOO, fresh ground pepper and sea salt, is irresistible. Available for preorder Thursday thru Friday. See Details


Italy's answer to the baguette, our yeasted ciabattas are fermented slowly to create a complex flavor profile. Baked Wednesday and Friday; available for preorder on Friday. See Details

Some Ordering Tips

All orders you place on this website will be held for pick-up at Delmonico's Heritage Butcher after 1 p.m. the day of pick-up until closing time. In the future, we hope to add additional pick-up locations.

Bread is available Wednesday thru Friday most weeks. Some bread is only available on limited days, but each bread description tells you when the loaf you're interested in is available.

Wild Yeast Breads can also be purchased directly, without using our website, from the Olympia Food Co-ops and Delmonico's most Wednesdays thru Fridays.

More Useful Information

When you place an online bread order, you'll receive a confirmation email the day you place the order and a reminder email the day(s) of your pickup. On the day of pickup, just make sure you get to Delmonico’s after 1 and before the store closes. Give them your name and they’ll give you your bread.

If you need to make any changes after placing an order, please contact us. We will credit you for any bread you change your mind about 24 hours or more before your pickup day. If it's within the 24-hour window, we're sorry, but we won't be able to process a credit.

To thank you for ordering bread online, when you place $100 of bread in your cart, you'll automatically get $10 off your order.

In the rare event where I can't bake on a scheduled day, you'll have the choice of receiving a credit or a refund. In that event, I'll contact you by email with the details.